the care

Wash your knits at 30 °C in the wool or hand wash cycle with gentle spin (max 400 cycles and below) in use of a wool detergent. Fill the drum only little. After washing, pull knitwear into shape and let it dry flat.

Wool has a natural antibacterial finish and therefore does not have to be washed frequently - airing out is often enough.

Moth protection: before storage over the summer months, wash and stow away in a sealed plastic bag with moth paper.

the yarn

Our merino wool yarn is made in the southern Alps. It is of the bestquality and makes the colors shine. This special wool from theMerino sheep measures only 19.5 micrometers in thickness (a micrometer is a millionth of a meter). The hair with this delicacy bendsalong our skin and this is how our knitwear gets the touch of cashmere, as soft and as comfortable. The wool is dyed free of heavy metals and it's mulesingfree.

the knitting company

A small women-run knitting mill in Portugal produces our collections. Qualified employees with many years of
experien ceare characterized by the accuracy in implementation
of our design. Great emphasis is placed on developing a good fit and first-class workmanship.

The Portuguese knitting is GOTS* certified.

* The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) contains environmental and Social criteria for processing in a certified and controlled factory.

Short story

Tina Grässli started with her first designs in 1994 and produced them herself with her own knitting machine. The demand for these unique items quickly increased. Soon she was able to commission the first production under the name XESS. Together with Baba Rüegg and others, she opened the motley shop "SAUS + BRAUS" in 1996 and founded the company xess + baba Ltd almost at the same time.

Today Tina Grässli works with Christian La Roche, her long-term partner and husband. As an experienced theater person, he puts things in the right light and ensures order in the backstage.